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Exotics And Upland Hunts

Premier Adventures ranch is committed to providing a "once in a lifetime experience" with memories that will last a lifetime.  Our Urial and Aoudad hunts offer something unique for even the most seasoned hunter.   


Urial Hunts

Native to Central Asia but at home in the mountains of Pennsylvania.  Our Urials range in size from 30 to 36 inches and present a true challenge for hunters of all experience levels.  

Aoudad Hunts 

Native to North Africa and found in some of the toughest mountain ranges in the world, these large body sheep will provide a one of kind experience.  With the their large beard and chaps they also make one of the most beautiful mounts.   

Please contact us directly to book an Urial or Aoudad Hunt.

Urial Peeking.jpg


Pheasant Hunts 

With 4 different field and over 100 acres, Premier Adventures can offer a classic pheasant hunt.  These hunts are being offered with a 3 day minimum or as an add on to our big game hunts.  

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